Top Things to Do When You Tour India

trekking IndiaAre you thinking about adventuring in India, but wondering where to go and what to do? India offers plenty of opportunities for adventure lovers. The country is gradually becoming a favored adventure sports destination in the world. There are a lot of possibilities to experience and to see around India. With golden beaches, snow-capped mountains, ancient civilization, just to name a few, India blends the old with the new and welcomes visitors to experience its culture.

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Best Adventure Activities to Do in India

Race Forest Mountain Bike TrackIndia is a country bestowed with towering peaks and mountains, challenging terrains, fascinating rivers, and other natural marvels. India has become a hub of adventure sports in the world.The country has a lot of options to offer visitors the desired adrenaline experiences to the adventure junkies. Touring its vast, rugged terrains would require you have heavy duty trucks similar to those used in towing businesses such as

Across the expansive lengths and breadths of this country, you can find multiple opportunities that are not only investigative to the adrenaline rush but also transcend to a world of fearlessness. India has emerged as one of the world’s most popular travel destinations. Once you visit this country, you can enjoy the best of water sports, adventures and tour. Here are some of the best adventure games you can try once you visit the country.

Mountain Biking

The northwest area of Singalila Ridge and West Bengal are a popular trekking destination in India. These regions have seen a huge number of mountain biking enthusiasts over the recent years and have become a favorite spot for adventure junkies. Ladakh has a lot to offer for those who prefer to pedal, as opposed to motorized bikes. The road leading to Rumtese from Pang provides an excellent balance between exquisite views and a challenging ride.

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Simple Guide To Doing Business in India

india businessForeign nationals venturing in the Indian business market for the first time may report a bewildering experience. There are lots of different business customs and bureaucracies that hinder the ease of doing business. As the second-most populous nation in the world, and with more than one billion people, India is projected to be one of the world’s biggest economies in coming decades.

Experts say it’s business practices are entirely different from those of the west. To succeed in the Indian market, products need to be specifically tailored to the local customer. You can not have a successful towing service business in the United States and introduce the same in India while expecting similar success if whatever you are offering is not tailored for the local Market. Continue reading

How to Get Around India on Local Transport

india transportThere are a lot of ways of getting around India. However, most of the transportation means are not quite efficient and punctual. Your options of getting around this vast country will be dependent on your time and tolerance. For all forms of local transport in India, a flexible attitude is all that’s required to get the best of this country. When it comes to punctuality and comfort, transport in India is very different to what is experienced in many parts of America and Europe. However, roads and rails offer visitors eye opening and exciting moments to remember.

Private Car Transfers

One of the sure ways to get around India is through private cars. You travel in an air-conditioned car rather than minibus. The type of car you choose will depend on the accessibility of the places you want to visit. There are also variety of cars you can chose from. One good travel experience you can get while touring the city is to book a limousine.

You might not get a limo experience as good as that of, but be assured to get the comfort, class and exclusivity that comes with limos. If you are traveling through the Himalayan foothills, a jeep can be a better option. Whichever place you are visiting, be sure to choose your car wisely.

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Places to Visit for Wildlife Experience in India

The wildlife experience in India stands out as a core factor that has attracted both domestic and international tourism in the country. The Indian landmass provides homage to large diversities of flora and fauna. An amazingly wide wildlife species gets a tribute in the country’s diverse terrains. Key tourist wildlife attractions in India include the Asiatic Elephants and the fierce Royal Bengal tigers.

India also hosts 18 Bio-reserves, 89 national parks, and over 400 wildlife sanctuaries. Wildlife tourism experience in India is boosted by beautiful sceneries provided by Mother Nature, as well other industrial players such as tourism agencies and hotels who aim at making it a reckoning encounters for visitors to the wildlife reserves. For the best of your wildlife encounters, I would encourage that you visit the following landmark places. Continue reading

Where to Visit in India

Taj mahalIn most cases, India is said to be a continent, rather than a country. It stretches from the freezing summits of the Himalayas, as you head down to the tropical green fields of Kerala. It has expansive borders that encompass an excellent range of landscapes, people, and culture. When you walk the streets of Indian streets, you will rub shoulders with people of different faiths. In India, you can encounter temple traditions and rituals performed since the ancient times of the Egyptian Pharaohs. There are onion-shaped mosques set up centuries before the Taj Mahal. Continue reading

Understanding the Basics of Indian Culture

india cultureIndia is regarded as the most diverse countries in the world. It is one of the world’s oldest civilization, which began about 4,500 years ago. Culture in India indicates beliefs, ideas, customs and social behavior of people in the society. India has 28 states and seven territories. There is no real official language in India, though Hindi is the official language used in government. The Constitution of India recognized 23 official languages. Continue reading

Famous India Dishes You Need to Try

Indian foodsIndia is an old and democratic country situated in South Asia, and one word that perfectly describes this country is diversity! The country accommodates more than 1.25 billion people communicating in more than 720 dialects. These people practice about ten religions. With such a large population to feed on, you would expect this land to be full of amazing dishes and cuisines. Indian food is particularly famous for its flavors and spices. It is rich in color, with a distinct and pleasing aroma and a pleasant taste.

The most used spices and ingredients in these Indian cuisines include cumin, mustard, green coriander, curry leaves, garam masala, garlic, and ginger. There are other varieties of fresh herbs which all spice up your meal. Here are some of our best selection of famous Indian dishes you should try, once you land in this country. Continue reading

Tips for India First Timers

india wildlifeTraveling to India can be one of the most fascinating and most rewarding destinations to visit. At the same time quite challenging and frustrating especially to the first time travelers. There is no denying that traveling to this country can be a major cultural shock, especially for new visitors. India is a vast and bewildering country with different religions and cultures. It’s cities roar with traffic and bustle of non-stop activities.

India is a remarkable destination with a lot of historical sites, beaches, monuments, and other tourist spots. This country can be a great teacher if you learn to accept and listen to its lessons. If you are well prepared, you skip the hassle of notoriously busy locations and experience the best of this beautiful land. For first-time travelers, here are some tips to help you tour India without stress. Continue reading

Reasons Why India Should be Your Next Destination

IndiaHolidays have a direct relationship with fun, relaxation, quality time with family and friends and a getaway from the stressful routine life. As soon as holidays start, we look at destinations that include all the above. Many places in the world are full of beauty to rejuvenate your holiday experience.

One such destination that can give you an excellent holiday experience is India. India is a complete package that offers impressive beaches, luxurious hotels, delicious foods and amazing culture. The Himalayas deliver spirituality and mental peace in the North, with beautiful tea estates mesmerizing natural beauty. Continue reading