Best Adventure Activities to Do in India

Race Forest Mountain Bike TrackIndia is a country bestowed with towering peaks and mountains, challenging terrains, fascinating rivers, and other natural marvels. India has become a hub of adventure sports in the world.The country has a lot of options to offer visitors the desired adrenaline experiences to the adventure junkies. Touring its vast, rugged terrains would require you have heavy duty trucks similar to those used in towing businesses such as

Across the expansive lengths and breadths of this country, you can find multiple opportunities that are not only investigative to the adrenaline rush but also transcend to a world of fearlessness. India has emerged as one of the world’s most popular travel destinations. Once you visit this country, you can enjoy the best of water sports, adventures and tour. Here are some of the best adventure games you can try once you visit the country.

Mountain Biking

The northwest area of Singalila Ridge and West Bengal are a popular trekking destination in India. These regions have seen a huge number of mountain biking enthusiasts over the recent years and have become a favorite spot for adventure junkies. Ladakh has a lot to offer for those who prefer to pedal, as opposed to motorized bikes. The road leading to Rumtese from Pang provides an excellent balance between exquisite views and a challenging ride.


One of the most difficult and challenging trek routes in India is that of Stok Kangri. Once at this spot, you can test yourself by paragliding over the valleys while you take in some breathtaking views. Another good place is at the Himachal Pradesh which is fast becoming an adventure sports hub, and attracting para-gliders from all over the world.

Water sports

White Water Kayak Skill Water Sports CourageIn India, one of the finest locations for water sports is Rishikesh. The rivers around this region continue to give visitors an ideal spot for various water sports. Another region is Goa where which attracts a lot of surfing and jet-skiing. The rivers around Devprayag are perfect for people looking to take up kayaking. The Kali river is an ideal mix of calm and rough waters and gives travelers a fantastic experience for learning and mastering the art of rafting and kayaking.

Scuba Diving

For scuba diving enthusiasts, India is the place to be. Netrani, found in Karnataka is a great place to get started in Scuba diving. In this area, waters are so pristine, and there are a lot of certified world-class diving schools, that rent out quality equipment for safe diving. The Lakshadweep islands present another fabulous location for those who want to go scuba diving while staying close to the crowds.


Vast last lands and rugged terrains of India presents an ideal destination for those who want to go about trekking. The Shepherd’s trail is a bit more challenging. However, it offers a beautiful landscape for trekking. Another arduous trek to test you to the limits is in the Kargil District. You can also find a more relaxing and tranquil trekking experience if you head out towards Dodital, in Uttarakhand.

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