Famous India Dishes You Need to Try

Indian foodsIndia is an old and democratic country situated in South Asia, and one word that perfectly describes this country is diversity! The country accommodates more than 1.25 billion people communicating in more than 720 dialects. These people practice about ten religions. With such a large population to feed on, you would expect this land to be full of amazing dishes and cuisines. Indian food is particularly famous for its flavors and spices. It is rich in color, with a distinct and pleasing aroma and a pleasant taste.

The most used spices and ingredients in these Indian cuisines include cumin, mustard, green coriander, curry leaves, garam masala, garlic, and ginger. There are other varieties of fresh herbs which all spice up your meal. Here are some of our best selection of famous Indian dishes you should try, once you land in this country.


Thali is a combo of meals which comprise of a sweet dish, curries, lentils used prepared with steamed rice, pickle and chapati.The meal also included papads, butter, milk, raita, and chutneys. These ingredients are mixed up to produce two distinct tastes, one for North Indian thali and another for south Indian thali. Thali is the best way to relish Indian meals as you get a taste of different varieties of foods on offer. Thali doesn’t come with side dishes or desserts, but it comes in a large quantity guaranteed to take on your appetite.

Stuffed Parathas

Stuffed Parathas are a rare kind of Indian bread which is made with either white flour or whole wheat flour and stuffed with a lot of stuffing. These stuffings can be cauliflower, potatoes, cottage cheese, cabbages and other types of vegetables you can think of. They are quite delicious, and a must try on your tour to India.


Samosa should be one of your most favorite snacks, as they are for everyday Indian. You can’t come to India and afford to miss on samosas. They are deep fried snacks prepared by rolling dough of white flour and the filling it with a mixture made from green peas, potatoes, garam masala, peas, onions, chili powder, and salt.


biryaniThere are different types of biryani dishes prepared in India. Common of these is Hyderabadi Biryani. This form of biryani is the perfect choice for those who prefer to have their rice with spice that is intercepted on tender pieces of meat or chicken. Biryani is cooked in dum style and layered with fried onions and meat, then served with cold raita.


When in India, desserts are a must, and one dessert that stands out is Rasgola. Rasgola is prepared with carrots, Jalebis, and deep fried gram flour. This mixture is then dipped into sugar syrup and jamoons, which are deep fried balls of condensed milk known as khoya, then added to the sugar syrup.


Sambhar is a sweet steamed rice pancake that has a lot of health benefits. It is about 2-3 inches wide, fluffy and relished for breakfast or lunch. It can also be served as snacks or dinner, along with finely ground coconut and a hot steaming bowl of Idli.

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