How to Get Around India on Local Transport

india transportThere are a lot of ways of getting around India. However, most of the transportation means are not quite efficient and punctual. Your options of getting around this vast country will be dependent on your time and tolerance. For all forms of local transport in India, a flexible attitude is all that’s required to get the best of this country. When it comes to punctuality and comfort, transport in India is very different to what is experienced in many parts of America and Europe. However, roads and rails offer visitors eye opening and exciting moments to remember.

Private Car Transfers

One of the sure ways to get around India is through private cars. You travel in an air-conditioned car rather than minibus. The type of car you choose will depend on the accessibility of the places you want to visit. There are also variety of cars you can chose from. One good travel experience you can get while touring the city is to book a limousine.

You might not get a limo experience as good as that of, but be assured to get the comfort, class and exclusivity that comes with limos. If you are traveling through the Himalayan foothills, a jeep can be a better option. Whichever place you are visiting, be sure to choose your car wisely.

Normal Trains

india trainThe Indian Rail Network is mind boggling and spans the full length and breadth of the country. Traveling by train can be chaotic because it lacks comfort. However, it is an experience you should not miss because it is full of surprises. Families will be sharing their home cooked meals, and everyone will want to chat. At every stop, local traders hop on board to sell their foods.

Luxury Trains

In India, there is another class of luxury trains that offer a fun way to experience the Indian landscape and nature, without having to get bored on the hassle of travel and accommodation. Journeys on these trains are all inclusive with dining, accommodation, transportation, sightseeing and porter charges.

Domestic Flights

India is a vast country, and you might need to take a domestic flight to travel from one corner to the next. This way, you will have saved yourself a couple of hours which you would have spent traveling the whole day, to your destination. India has a handful of domestic airlines, with some being more reliable than others. Flights on less organized airlines are often delayed or canceled. Be sure to check with those airlines with many years of experience.

Buses on India

Buses in India are second in popularity after trains. While you can not travel across the country on a bus, they, however, present a cheap way of reaching to many places that are not adequately connected to the rail network. Every state has a public bus service, with multiple classes of buses. Reserving regular buses may not be possible as these have a habit of stopping at too many places. On the better side, they are very affordable to board.

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