Places to Stay on Your Visit to India

Palace of WindsAccommodation is one of the most significant expense when it comes to traveling. Though hotels might seem to be a popular choice for travelers visiting India, there are still other types of exciting budget types of accommodation you can find. A few years ago, getting a budget hotel was practically not possible. However, with the present technological revolutions, the cost of hotel accommodation was significantly by the introduction of Airbnb and the likes.

Different types of accommodation are available for tourists looking to visit India. From hotels, motels, youth hostels, tourist villages among others. When you decide to visit India, below are accommodation options you may choose from;



The concept of motels originated from the United States and was meant for foreign tourists and local motorists traveling by road. Though motels were primarily intended to serve the needs and demands of tourists, they also fill the needs for transit accommodation. Motels serve the function of transit hotels and are meant to accommodate motor traveling guests for an overnight stay. In India, you can find motels offering services such as parking, accommodation, garage facilities, public catering, restaurant facilities, recreational services and public catering.


Youth Hostels

The construction of youth hostels revolves under certain norms that are mostly influenced by the youthful world. The international requirements for youth hostels include the provision of separate dormitories for both men and women, separate washrooms, toilets for both genders, kitchen for hostellers to prepare their meals, living accommodation, common rooms and place to safely keep visitor’s luggage. When you visit India, you can find youth hostels that meet international standards.


Camping Sites

Camping IndiaIn India, camping sites constitute a significant percentage of accommodation in India. These sites are also known as open-air hostels or tourist camping grounds. Hikers on foot initially practiced the idea of camping. These sites are located initially within large cities mostly in open spaces. These camping sites are meant to receive free accommodation in the form of caravans and provide services including parking, water, electricity, tent pitching, water, and toilet. Camping sites are relatively cheaper than youth hostels and way less expensive than hotel accommodation.


Tourist Holiday Villages

When you visit India, you can find tourist villages all waiting for you. They are situated at the warm seaside and in regions that mostly receive tourists. These tourist villages are significant and act as a center of accommodation providing extensive sports and recreational services such as swimming, riding, football, tennis, sauna, yoga, massage services among others. They give both board and lodging and are kept as informal as possible.  Holiday villages are mostly constituted by family units with each providing convertible living rooms, bath and shower, and kitchen.


Bed and Breakfast Establishments

Hotels lie under this category. Bed and breakfast accommodations can also include apartment establishments and represent some of the best accommodation settings for high-end tourists and those visiting India for business purposes. These setups provide only accommodation and breakfast but not main meals. They are usually located in large towns and cities, mostly at commercial holiday routes where business travelers are most frequent.




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