Places to Visit for Wildlife Experience in India

The wildlife experience in India stands out as a core factor that has attracted both domestic and international tourism in the country. The Indian landmass provides homage to large diversities of flora and fauna. An amazingly wide wildlife species gets a tribute in the country’s diverse terrains. Key tourist wildlife attractions in India include the Asiatic Elephants and the fierce Royal Bengal tigers.

India also hosts 18 Bio-reserves, 89 national parks, and over 400 wildlife sanctuaries. Wildlife tourism experience in India is boosted by beautiful sceneries provided by Mother Nature, as well other industrial players such as tourism agencies and hotels who aim at making it a reckoning encounters for visitors to the wildlife reserves. For the best of your wildlife encounters, I would encourage that you visit the following landmark places.

Sariska Tiger Reserve Rajasthan

Located in the great Rajasthan state of India, Alwar district, the Sariska Tiger reserve is an Indian protected National park. Visitors to the reserves are treated to Savannah like typography filled with rocky landscapes, scrub-thorn arid forests, rocks, hilly cliffs, and grasses. Apart from these Tigers, the reserve is home to various both feathered wildlife and trees such as the striped hyena, nilgai, chinkara, Indian Seawolf, and Sandgrouse for the birds, and Dhok, Salar, Dhak, Gol, Ber, and Arjun for the trees.

Corbett Conservation Center, U.P

Being one of the oldest Indian national reserves and name after its initiator Jim Corbett as a Tiger’s conservation center, the park is a major tourist land point in India. The park has up to 488 species from different floras. The diversity of wildlife and splendid landscapes make reserve a national phenomenon. As of the year ended 2016, over 7000 tourists had visited the place. The Conservation is also revered because it’s a home to the infamous Bengal tigers.

Periyar Wildlife sanctuary

Located in the hilly regions of the Western Ghats of Southern India in Kerala, the Periyar sanctuary pays homage to Elephants and tigers and as well the Samba deer, the rare lion-tailed Macaques, Indian bison, and leopards. The wildlife experience at the Periyar wildlife sanctuary is acerbated by the boat riding activities in Lake Periyar which adjacent to the Periyar wildlife reserve.

Wildlife encounters in India go beyond the mere animal photographic escapes, rather it entails a full interaction with nature from the landscapes of Corbett national park to the trees and birds in Sariska forestry, and not to forget the mouth-watering traditional Hindu delicacies that await you after a thrilling exploration. If you are in need of implausible wildlife experiences, then India is the place to be.

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