Tips for India First Timers

india wildlifeTraveling to India can be one of the most fascinating and most rewarding destinations to visit. At the same time quite challenging and frustrating especially to the first time travelers. There is no denying that traveling to this country can be a major cultural shock, especially for new visitors. India is a vast and bewildering country with different religions and cultures. It’s cities roar with traffic and bustle of non-stop activities.

India is a remarkable destination with a lot of historical sites, beaches, monuments, and other tourist spots. This country can be a great teacher if you learn to accept and listen to its lessons. If you are well prepared, you skip the hassle of notoriously busy locations and experience the best of this beautiful land. For first-time travelers, here are some tips to help you tour India without stress.

Avoid Burnout

The most common complaint reported by first-time travelers coming to India is burnout. Fatigue is reported after one simply tries to do a lot of things within a limited time. India is a vast and addictive country and trying to meet a lot of expectations within a short time can leave you burned out. A wisely planned itinerary can help spread out the areas you have to visit and yet leave you energized

Watch what you eat and drink

india foodA dodgy stomach is something quite common for first-time travelers getting to India. That doesn’t mean you should rule out street foods. However, you should not shy taking fresh fruits and food that’s boiled or fried. Visitors experience all kinds of stomach upsets by taking street foods. Avoid taking tap water and stay away from food that’s being cooked in open places. Go vegetarian for a while if you can, as meet in filthy places can be contaminated.

Learn how to Bargain

Everyone in India is bargaining, why not you? Pricing of commodities in India is usually higher for foreigners, due to the misconception that they are rich and well loaded. You can ask for an opinion from a local to evaluate how much something costs, before making a purchase. For farmers, don’t try to bargain with them. They are genuine in their deals and earn money the hard way. Depending on your power to negotiate, you may be able to save some few dollars when buying commodities on the streets.

Get Ready For Lots of Staring

Many Indians give a lot of attention to foreigners. You might spot quite a number of them looking at you steadily, and yet they mean no harm. Some might even ask to take pictures with you, and you should be prepared to let them have their wish, after all, it’s a nice way of interacting with them. If you start a conversation with the locals, they may ask for personal questions from you, so be ready to answer them.

If you are not coming to India with a tour company, you need to have a predefined plan. There are millions of other trying to book for available hotel space, and if you are late, you might miss out on all good deals.

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