Top Things to Do When You Tour India

trekking IndiaAre you thinking about adventuring in India, but wondering where to go and what to do? India offers plenty of opportunities for adventure lovers. The country is gradually becoming a favored adventure sports destination in the world. There are a lot of possibilities to experience and to see around India. With golden beaches, snow-capped mountains, ancient civilization, just to name a few, India blends the old with the new and welcomes visitors to experience its culture.

We are dedicated to helping you plan and equip your adventure experience in India, and these are the top things you ought to do, once you Visit India.


India can claim some of the world’s most spectacular trekking routes. Himalayan routes are not all extreme, but the most difficult ones are those around Ladakh and Zanskar. Trekking is becoming quite popular along the Western Ghats and the Nilgiris of the South. If the prospects of organizing a trek seem too daunting to you, you can consider employing a trekking company to do it on your behalf. Himachal Pradesh is the easiest place to go trekking and is highly preferred by beginners.

Hot Air Ballooning in Rajasthan

You can take a kind of roller-coaster trip in a hot-air balloon over the sandy terrains of Rajasthan Desert. It can be an exhilarating experience to defy all the laws of gravity and para-sail through the wind. The flying experience is calm. There is no rush or buzzing of the engine. You will love the tranquility of the surrounding and get a chance to see the exceptional beautiful landscape beneath. There is nothing we can compare to the experience of floating on air while you are in the sky.

Underwater Swimming

India gives you the chance to experience the best of marine life in a manner you have not seen before. You can jump into the waters of Bay of Bengal and discover the beautiful aquatic world. The Bay of Bengal is the world’s largest bay. The bay receives a large influx of freshwater coming from precipitation and rivers. The expedition is fantastic for history buffs, snorkelers, nature lovers and photographers alike. At the Bay of Bengal, scuba diving and snorkeling are the most loved adventure sports.

Rafting in Rishikesh

Another awesome way to spend your time in India is to go rafting in Rishikesh. These turbulent white waters present an absolute thrill and chills. Rishikesh has become a center of white water rafting in North India, due to its fast flowing river.

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